A Season Beyond

With the trees near peak color here in mid-Michigan and the grasses in the fields brown and ruddy, it is almost impossible not to think of things that have passed or are passing.… Continue reading

Rainbows For Breakfast

It is no secret if you know me or have been following this blog that the past two or three months have been some of the most difficult for me and my family.… Continue reading

Falling Leaves – For Mom 2016

This was originally posted 2 years ago…This past August 2016, Mom lost her 11 year battle with Alzheimer’s so I am re-posting it to honor her memory which is still so very real… Continue reading


Like nearly all of the characters in Les Miserables, (with the exception of the Thenardier’s – the Lady and Master of the House – who know exactly who they are and don’t try… Continue reading

The Little Things

Over the past several weeks I have crossed paths with many, many people. In my job I interact with college students daily as well as administrators, faculty, maintenance and security workers. There are… Continue reading

Praying for Clear Skies

Rain usually makes me feel better…but not today…I don’t know if there is much that could. For the past eleven years my family and I have been watching as our mom was slowly… Continue reading

Being a Lighthouse

I have seen many lighthouses along the shorelines of Michigan’s Great Lakes. Nearly every town on the water has at least one light that marks their port and there are many more set… Continue reading

The More Things Change…

The world we live in is in chaos…or so it would seem. We have riots, wars, and weather; tribalism, factions, and foes among friends. Everywhere you look someone is offended and others are… Continue reading

To Center My Soul

I love to drive. It really doesn’t matter where or when, but there is something nostalgic about watching the horizon in the distance get closer and closer, then see it pass by and… Continue reading

Just Letting You Know He’s There

There was a bit of thunder in the air the other night. Not the loud booming, roaring crashes that you might hear with a summer storm barreling through, but a gentle rumble off… Continue reading