“And it came to pass…”


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pouringrainAh, music to my ears…I love the sound of rain and rumble in the distance. The showers began yesterday afternoon and haven’t stopped yet. There really is no better way to drift off to sleep than with the pitter-patter of rain on the roof. With this new, fresh, water all of the trees and resting garden beds will begin to sprout and burst forth with another season’s offerings. I can’t wait!

I have not always loved the rain so much. I remember when I was young I feared the rain and thunder and lightning. Just the sound of an approaching storm in the distance would cause me to crawl into my bed and burry myself in the blankets and pillows with my fingers pressed so tightly into my little ears that they would be sore the next day. I would squint my eyes shut as tightly as I could and just pray and hope that it would stop. I think it was really the fear of not knowing what it was that made the noise and lit up the sky so fiercely.

As I grew up I began to understand that the sound of rolling and crashing thunder could not hurt me. It may be loud and give me a start but it was just noise. I also began to see beauty in the lightning. Although it can be very dangerous, from a distance it is quite amazing to watch. As far as the pouring rains that come with many storms or the lazy drizzles, there are other reasons that the Good Lord gave me to appreciate them. As I’ve said many times, I’ll take a rainy day over a sunny day any day.

I do believe that the most valuable lesson I’ve learned from storms is that they are quite unknown and unknowable, yet ever present. Some are slow and lumbering with barely a sound or flash or drop as they pass over. Others are loud and roaring with torrents unleashed on the waiting ground. Still others are fierce and fast as they batter the earth with winds and water. You never know really what you’re in for till it is upon you. Then they all move on. They never stay very long in one place.

So it is with the struggles and storms of life. I heard Mark Lowry say once that his favorite verse in the Bible is, “And it came to pass”. He said it was a reminder to him that all things did just that, they came and then they passed. What they leave behind can be a blessing just as the rains from a spring storm. Some of the most valuable lessons we will ever learn in this life – about this life – only come through struggle and pain. Patience, trust, compassion, acceptance, among others, are found through adversity. So don’t fear the storms; prepare for them as best you can and ride them out in the safety of His arms. He will not leave you alone.


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