What I Do Know

We never really know where life is going to take us…or when. I did not know that at 5 years old I would spend over a month in the hospital because of an… Continue reading

The Old Man On The Hill

Twice the king sent a captain and his 50 soldiers to bring the old man on the hill down from his perch. Twice the old man called down fire from heaven to incinerate… Continue reading

It’s All About The Giver

It is a lost art, this business of giving thanks. The simple “thank you” has become a tag line added to just about any sentence whether there is something to be thankful for… Continue reading

Waiting In The Weeping

It’s funny how the end of life gets one thinking about how it all began. There is something brilliant about the way the Good Lord wired us to look back when things come… Continue reading

Shining Into The Darkness

Our family is not big on Halloween. We have never understood how fear could be made fun and the darkness of death glorified. Perhaps our experiences of the reality of fear and of… Continue reading

Where Faith is Formed

There are times in our lives when things become crystal clear. We are able to recall events from years gone by, understand how they have brought us to where we are right now,… Continue reading

This Is Our Table

I’ve been honing my handyman skills over the years. I’ve built many things from trivets to headboards to boxes for jewels. I’ve built walls and fences, decks and benches, desks and shelves. Some… Continue reading


Scars we bear on our physical bodies can be used as great object lessons – ways to begin conversations about larger issues. There are also scars that we do not wear so proudly… Continue reading

Don’t Give Up…Give In

Often when we hear people talk of peace, we think in terms of not fighting. We think that if there are no wars or struggles or arguments between people then we would have… Continue reading

Rain In Heaven

Those that know me well know that I would much prefer a rainy day to a sunny day any day. I know this is a bit strange but there are some reasons behind… Continue reading