Love Not Seen

It is no secret. If you have read previous posts you will know I am not really a fan of Valentine’s Day. It is overwrought, over sold, and overwhelming if you are not… Continue reading

Moving Mountains

When my kids were young I would hold their hands as we crossed the street, in large crowds, or just anytime they felt afraid or unsure or uncomfortable.  I would often carry them on… Continue reading

Fishers of Men (but who cleans the fish?)

I have never been a fan of fishing and probably never will. I just don’t get it; spend all your day sitting in a boat or standing on a shoreline waiting for that… Continue reading

Walking Away

As a young associate pastor, I was doing things that I felt passionate about, working with people that I cared deeply for, and serving in a place that had always been my home.… Continue reading

Where All Roads Lead

Life can get so busy that often we feel like we are on a wide expressway with hundreds or thousands of others, all zipping and zooming in and out of lanes vying to… Continue reading

Moving On

2016 is fast approaching leaving ’15 in its wake. For me and my family it has been a year of beginnings and endings, a year of turning corners and changing plans. When the… Continue reading

Everything Hoped For, More Than Expected

In my life, a few things that have exceeded my expectations. My wife exceeds them almost on a daily basis with her patience with me and love for me, even when I feel I… Continue reading

Caroling in the Car

One of my fondest memories of Christmas was singing in the car. These were back in the day before Bluetooth, iPods, Kindles, smart phones, or MP3 players. Back before video games were portable… Continue reading

God’s Christmas Tree

We always had a freshly cut Christmas tree. As a kid growing up on a farm with a lot of land in the U.P. of Michigan, trees were plentiful. Of course, the chosen… Continue reading

The Hidden Gift

Ribbons and bows, paper and string; packages under the tree come in all shapes and sizes and colors. Gifts that show that we care for the person receiving and that we are cared… Continue reading